Monday, 25 August 2014

My Learning Style

If you go through a list of learning styles, you’ll find the typical: Learn by asking, learn by listening,

learn by doing... They have their proper names I know, and people can be a blend. I probably fit into

those spectra; I think I've done a test before. But my real learning style does not really fit into a nice

compact box.

I call my learning style (and yes, I made this up less than 5 minutes before I started writing this)

“Learn by Systematic Chaos”

The oxymoron in the title is purposeful – chaos being the opposite of organisation so something that

you can’t have in a systematic order.

If I’m just listening – all attention focused on the act of listening to what the instructor is saying –

this is the worst possible thing for me in reality. If I’m actively trying to focus just on the [teacher/

tutor/lecturer/trainer] (insert whatever term applicable here) and not (fidgeting, writing, talking)

doing something unrelated to what’s being said, then rather than my body racing away from the

subject at hand with my mind free to learn and absorb; my mind is racing at a million miles an hour

and the sound of the air conditioner becomes too loud, I can feel the muscle fibres in my neck at

such an intensity that I can’t figure out how to position my head (and every angle feels wrong) and

all of a sudden I have to concentrate on remembering to breathe in and out.

Which of those two options sounds like the one that enables me to learn?

That up there is one scenario, one way that things can screw things up when I try to learn. There are

innumerable alternate scenarios and situations and, and, and...


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