Thursday, 30 May 2013

Introducing Our Main Character

I guess this is my Welcome Post/Introduction. I’ve wanted to start this blog for… well, for a week now but haven’t had the time, haven’t known how to start, and have just been procrastinating.
Generally, I like to do a bit of an “about me” in the first blog post, I know it can get a tad tired after a while but I like my readers to know who it is they’re reading about. Well, as much of who I am that I’m willing to put out there on the internet…
So. Here goes nothing:
I am half mermaid, at least a third unicorn, and I’ve got to be an eighth puppy, a twentieth cat and a 64th bunny. The rest of me (if that doesn’t equal a whole… I’m not entirely sure) is up for debate but the general assumption is I’m human. And all woman.
{These are all, by the way, things that I identify as, and there are reasons for these that I won’t go into too much depth yet. We have all this time (hopefully) for me to blog and explain EVERYTHING eventually.}
I am also the Kraken. Or at the very least, a person who constantly gets given the key to the Kraken’s cage.
I am an avid reader and writer with a passion for the sea, an amateur organic gardener and a fan of experimental cooking. I am a compassionate person and I love animals – {but my compassion is so strong that I couldn’t be a vegetarian( for reasons of cruelty, as that’s the only reason I’d stop eating meat) simply because if I started not eating things because it’s cruel I literally don’t have a “cut off” point. After all, can you guarantee that plants don’t feel pain? The only thing I’m fairly sure doesn’t feel pain is water, and I could be wrong about that.} – and I can find the beauty in most things, even things that most people would find off putting or unappealing.
I am almost pathologically curious, when I want to know something, I want to know as much about it as I can. Like the toddler always asking “why” I am quite happy to say “and what does that do?” “and how does it work?” “and what’s the difference between this type and that type?”. Because of one question I asked (in regards to boats), my partner’s friend’s friend said to me “Are you studying to be a Captain?” No, I’m just curious. But I didn’t say anything.
I want to take things apart, but I’m scared I won’t be able to put them back together. So I don’t.
I get distracted easily, and forget what I want to do, or say, if I’m unable to do or say it exactly when I want/need to do or say it. I talk a lot when I’m feeling talkative, write like a woman possessed when I feel like writing {my old journals were called My Ramblings for a reason!}, jump from topic to topic like I’m on a trampoline because in my mind everything is interconnected, and… Get  distracted and forget how that sentence was supposed to end.
For all of that I’m shy, actually sometimes terrified of people. I can only relaxed when I’ve gotten to know someone better and thus, in my mind, they are “not a person”. Don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you, I’m the one who made up this reasoning and it doesn’t make sense to me either.
I have had a long struggle with my weight, with eating disorders and dieting. I am an all or nothing person, so have a slight tendency to go all the way into near anorexia when dieting, and the rest of the time I just don’t seem to have a hunger “off” switch. I’ve kind of screwed up my already delicate internal system with eating disorders and other stuff. Currently on Weight Watchers and have lost 15 of 42 kilos so far this year.
It has taken me a long time to find something that I’m passionate about that, which can lead to a job. Although, to be fair on myself, it took a longer time than it should have for the following realisation/reasoning to come to me: University, degrees, all those fun papers and subjects (which actually become less fun as the large crowd aspect of classes comes into it) actually have relevance to employment. I know, it sounds like a stupid thing to come to me as a realisation, I knew it in theory but somehow… well, jobs and school were just disconnected in my mind for a long time.
Anyway, after many years of trying and failing at university, of changing majors, and picking subjects because they sounded interesting (and discovering they aren’t) I’m finally making some progress. I have a career path planned – Accounting, or at the very least something administrative and office-y – and I am halfway through a Diploma in Accounting, with one paper to go on a Diploma in Management, planning to carry on to a degree in Accounting through the Open Polytechnic after I complete my diploma. Or something like that.
At the moment, I’m working and not studying – I have a proper office job, after only 2 years of failing at interviews. Although I’m planning (haven’t gotten around to it yet because I’m a brilliant procrastinator) to do a degree level paper through the Open Polytechnic next year, just to see if I can actually complete and pass a degree level paper. I’m confident in myself, but also not confident...
Hmmm… I don’t know if I’ve covered everything I wanted to cover here, but if I’ve missed something I can surely come back to it later. Now on to the reason I wanted to start this blog, when I have at least one other blog at the moment (which, might I add, is my first semi-successful blog, with 15 lovely followers, and the first blog I’ve stuck with for more than the first two days). There are things that I don’t want to talk about in a Weight Watchers blog, and things I maybe don’t want my best friend (who follows that blog) to see.
Last week, on Monday, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. This was a happy thing (in part) because I’ve suspected I had it ever since September last year when my best friend from my first year at Uni was diagnosed. So this is where my ASD related things go, my ramblings, and just things that I don’t think are relevant for a weight loss blog.
Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the ride J

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  1. yay!! Looking forward to reading the rest of your journey ;)