Monday, 3 June 2013

Just a Quick Note

I suppose I should make a note, before the big post that’s coming (because it doesn’t really fit in there):
At current, I have no idea where this blog is going to go. There are a couple of directions I feel it could take:
·         A place to rant about… Well, just about anything. Rant, and vent, and meltdown.
·         A place to try and sort out, in written form rather than keeping it all bouncing around in my head, all the questions that are bouncing round. Basically a way to go through my life and say “hey… so that’s why I was like that” (In regards to Aspie things in general)
·         General ramblings, when I need to write, I write. Any mood is a blogging mood and this is my new place to blog.
With my Weight Watchers blog it was much simpler. I didn’t have to “decide” what the blog was going to be about – it was about my weight loss journey. Of course, Aspie stuff doesn’t belong there. As this diagnosis is currently my most pressing issue, I want this blog to help myself make sense of… well, of my entire life I guess.
Pretty big thing to ask, I know, but… That’s just the way it is.
So the mix of things on here will include: rants and ramblings, general day-to-day happenings, retrospectives, plans, and who knows what else. Hope it all makes sense!
Also, for the meanwhile I want to remain kind of anonymous, which means I can’t have followers on my blog apparently. Sadly L When I figure out how anonymous not being anonymous is, I may graduate to being able to have followers (I like having followers J )

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