Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Possible Savant Skill?

And… I break away from the (epic) post I am writing, to write a shorter post J
This is basically a thought brought on by someone else’s post I read last night. They were talking about savantism and honed skills and how for them, writing is a honed skill. They (and most other people I know, I guess) draft, re-write, edit and refine their writing – blogs in particular I notice people mentioning this. But authors do the same with novels and the like.
For me, the draft and re-write process is done mostly inside my head. What I write down is what I want to be written down. I do need some minor editing… I’ll do the ‘double up on words’ thing if I’m handwriting or writing fast, or missing words. And sometimes what I write – what I want to write – doesn’t actually convey the meaning I wanted it to, but I don’t learn that until the critical proofreading stage.
So maybe my savant skill is writing. I have always been this way. When writing essays or essay answers in exams, everyone’s all “make sure you check your work to see it says what you want it to say” and I’m all “if it didn’t say what I wanted it to say, I wouldn’t have written it that way.” My novels {unpublished works are still novels if they’re novel-sized stories or starts at novel sized stories} are derned near addictive to the people who read them – granted these people are either my friends or people who like the genre, or both. If I re-write one of my novels (and one with the working title ‘The Emjay Story’ is actually one of my Aspie obsessions I think, at over 80 complete and incomplete re-write attempts (the shortest being a paragraph long)) it’s a different story all together. The main concept stays the same, the general plot, but that’s it.
I have realised recently that in letters, for example, my Aspie bluntness comes out. But I still don’t edit and re-write and draft. I just ask someone {mostly Hoppy, the king of tact and dealing with people} what it should say to make it not sound like I’m angry and then do the usual mind edits before hammering out a fairly well letter. I also do this with phone calls sometimes.
So yeah, anyway. I have decided that I maybe have a savant skill, and it’s my dope as writing yo.
{Yes, I felt like finishing that with a fairly idiotic phrase. I’m allowed, it’s my blog J}


  1. I do the same thing. When I was still at uni a lot of the time I would do all of the research and everything without writing anything until the day before it was due, then just sit down and write an essay from start to finish. When I have writing issues it's always with the content, not with getting the words out.