Monday, 3 June 2013

The Cast of Characters

Right. First off, I should state that I’m not completely conceited. I know that everybody isn’t just a supporting character, with the universe revolving around me. I know that I am a supporting character – or less – in other people’s lives.
So. I’m not conceited, I’m not a narcissist, I don’t think that what’s going on inside my head and in my life is any more important than anyone else’s life. I listen; I am interested (sometimes). However, I am living my life. No-one else is living it for me. No-one else is here inside my head with me. So I believe I am allowed to be a tiny bit self-centred. After all, if I don’t look after myself and think about my well-being, who else will?
Besides the fact, this is my blog, about me, so if I want to call the other people in my life my “supporting characters” I don’t see why I can’t.
As a polite (or paranoid) person, I use “blog names” wherever possible to protect identities.
The Cast
Hoppy: {previously known as Mr Grumpy or Mr Indestructible, after he broke his foot earlier this year his new nickname is going to always be Hoppy} My partner, my boyfriend (sounds juvenile at 29 but it helps with specifics) of 10 years. Long term long distance relationship, the love of my life or bane of my existence depending on the mood.
                *Note: Our relationship may seem weird or at some times broken, but it works for us and it just depresses me when people bring up issues so… No matter what you want to say, if I bring up things about my relationship please just keep it to yourself!
The Crazy Flatmate: {The only part of her blog name that she objects to is the fact that she’s only The Crazy Flatmate, and not The Psycho Flatmate} We’ve lived together though six (really? Six??) years and three different flats. Met through work a year earlier. We get along, but there are rants and rants, I’m sure I’ll be writing about a lot of them as time goes on.
                *Note: She now (for the first time since we met) has a boyfriend but he isn’t enough of a character in my life to be anything other than the subject of a great many rants. A great great many rants (there are many things wrong with him but really I shouldn’t judge if he makes her happy that’s all that should matter). As such, he will be referred to as The Crazy Flatmate’s boyfriend, if he is referred to at all.
The BFF: {BFF standing for Best Friend Forever. Lack of originality in name now results from over-active imagination/originality in name in first journal/ramblings mentioning The BFF, and a misplaced crush on her}Friends since 2008 when she found out I had fake boobs and I let her touch them. The sort of friend that you don’t need to see each other every day or even text every day but there for each other when it’s needed. Also I post pictures of goats to her Facebook wall (don’t ask why, because even I’m not sure how that started).
The Psycho Nurse: {Not actually a psycho, but she is a nurse. Currently working at [quote] the Nut Nut House} Hoppy’s workmate’s ex-(and possibly current) girlfriend. We met and bonded at a work-do (although I’m not invited to those anymore because I hate large social gatherings (and was possibly embarrassing Hoppy)). Not a close friend but still friends. We see each other whenever we’re in the other’s region.
The (Now Aspie in Australia) Bestie from Uni: {Can’t think of a blog name for you yet… I know you will read this eventually, just PM me on Facebook with any ideas for your blog name J } Considering the pivotal part she played in: the formation of my relationship with Hoppy, and the discovery that I’m a magical Aspie, no matter what path this blog takes I think she’ll be mentioned at least once. The current name says it all: She was the first person I talked to on the first day of Uni (CUP course guinea pigs) and pretty much my only friend during that first 6 months. Boyfriends got between us a little bit, then the whole her moving to Australia thing, but we still talk.
~*~I suppose that here I should take a time out to explain my idea of “friendship”. It may be a little different from how other people count their friends. Ever since I was little I have had one (on some very rare occasions, two) friend at a time, and through that friend I was on the fringes of their group of friends (this was more-so in Primary School, Intermediate and High School I was more obviously different and was “allowed” to interact less and less with the larger group, seen as stand-off-ish, snobby). But while other people might have a large group that they call friends, they’re barely in touch with any of them later in life (or even at the time). I, on the other hand, am as in touch with those friends (those who didn’t turn out to be liars, users or something worse) as I can be due to the sometimes intercontinental divide.
I have proven in the past that, if I count you as a friend, you can call me up at 3am saying “I’m in Upper Hutt and my boyfriend’s dumped me, I have nowhere to go” (Upper Hutt is roughly 40 minutes’ drive from where I live) I will come and get you. I will be your alibi – whether it’s to the cops or to a suspicious boyfriend.
In other words, I am loyal to the bitter end. It does mean I get used, I have taken a long time to learn to say “no” and I still have some trouble determining the false friends from real. ~*~
Carrying on with my cast of characters:
Family Members:
Merm: {This one should be obvious} My mother. She was very encouraging when it came to getting a diagnosis of Aspergers. As a family member she may or may not be mentioned here.
Miscellaneous Little Brothers and Sisters: {Two of each} All of us have our own problems, from Oppositional Defiant Disorder, to possible Schizophrenia and drug addictions, to being an ex-runaway.  Again, may or may not be mentioned here.
My (maternal) grandparents who raised me may also be mentioned. I have no paternal grandparents because as far as I’m concerned (and everyone else) I have no father.
Um… That’s all I think. I’m not really sure who else will be popping into my blog now and then. People who need it will have a bigger intro if and when the time arises. But for now, here is my motley crew.

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