Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Getting Some Order in Here

Okay, this is going to be my attempt to order my blog posts. I am going to (try to) have a purpose and meaning for each post, with the following categories:
·         Trying to unwind my Aspie past: This is exactly what it sounds like. Me going through things in my past, whether it be ways I’ve acted, things I’ve done {are those two the same thing?} or said, basically anything at all from before I was diagnosed (self- or actual diagnosis) and going “Oh, so this is why I did/said/was that, because it’s an aspie thing”
·         Keeping my Aspie present sane: Also exactly what it sounds like; focused in the present. My current attempted meltdown prevention methods, new things I learn about being Aspie and anything I think might help in the short term. Also non-Aspie things, basically this is the day-to-day part of the blog as well.
·         Going out of my Aspie mind: This will be where I keep my meltdowns, my rants and raves, anything and everything that I feel crazy about or that makes me crazy. The random stuff will be kept here too, anything that doesn’t fit another category.
·         Looking forward to my Aspie future: Long term things. This category is more vague in my mind than the others, apart from the fact that it needs to exist. Ummm… Things I learn that are going to help future-me, whatever basically.
·         Health Issues: I have a lot of them, and I’m sure that not everyone is going to want to read about them so I might as well put them in a separate category. I’m not sure yet.
If I discover the need for more categories (I shouldn’t, I think I have everything covered up there) I’ll add them in later. When I have the time to, I’m going to play around with this “Blogger” thing, I’m still learning how to use it, but hopefully I can organise different pages for each category or something. I’m not really sure what I can do with this site! All I really know is I have much more opportunity for blogging everything and anything, rather than being stuck just blogging about weight loss related things. And I can blog about that here (health issues and/or Aspie present both cover the weight loss stuff I guess).
Well, this is my plan. I am such an epic planner with such (what’s the opposite of epic?) minimal follow-through, and awesome at procrastinating. So, we’ll see…

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