Tuesday, 4 June 2013

It's Not Poetry, It's A Song

So when I was younger, I wrote a song to go in one of my stories. Thinking back, I sort of start to wonder...

Do keep in mind that I'm not a song writer, I hate poetry, and I was about 13 when I wrote this.

Are you looking at me?
If you are, then
What do you see?
Someone young and helpless
And stupid and weak
Someone short,
Uncared for
Well that's not me.
Do you see me?
I am ageless
Haunting as the sun
I am me
I am me
And until you can see
I'll never be free
Thought this selfie was apt, considering the lyric
Me, on my 29th birthday weekend
(and that's a sun flare, not a moustache)

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