Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Tidying Dilemma

Today I’m going to write all about cleaning and tidying – mostly because I have been needing to do that all week {or for the past four weeks} and I have been putting it off and putting it off, claiming tiredness. However, if I blog about it (no matter how boring it may be to you guys) then I sort of feel that I’m accountable – not terribly much, considering I only have one actual follower and however many informal readers, but accountable all the same.
This is something that I like to do – announce plans in my blogs so that I feel I’ve told someone, because if people out there know what I intend on doing, I feel that I have to do it. And it’s only my fault if I don’t. I can’t blame anyone, I can’t procrastinate because I don’t have a legitimate reason.
The house needs to be looking relatively tidy because Hoppy is coming down for the first time in over a month, and some of the mess that needs tidying is his mess from the last time he was here L Yes I could go on the theory that it’s his mess so why should I tidy it, but his argument will be the usual one: I had so much time, why didn’t I tidy it, blah blah. Oh I cannot wait until he gets his own house and moves out of his grandparents’ house, where his nan does all the tidying. Let’s see how “spotless” he can keep a house when he’s in charge of more than one {only fairly tidy, might I add, and I doubt he vacuums it himself} room and washing the dishes once a day at the most!
He might work full time {but I do too, for now – just because I have a job that starts and finishes earlier in the day or work less hours or am less active doesn’t mean I’m any less tired mentally or physically by the end of my work day!} but A) he’s used to it, he’s had a full time job forever and this is my first “proper” full time job; B) he’s physically healthy whereas I have fibromyalgia which means I’m sore most of the time; and C) Aspergers. I have it and he doesn’t. Hoppy will never understand – or want to try to understand – the mental fatigue that comes just from being in a room full of people all day, and that’s not even the hard part!
I’m not even going to let this get turned into a rant about how much effort it takes to just function from day-to-day, no matter how much I’d like to now that I’ve gotten onto this train of thought. So I’m going to shut up now and go back to tidying.
Today’s Mission:
My aim is to get the following completed before I go to bed tonight:
-          Tidy the games area. This involves getting the Xbox set back up and it all back into order like a gaming station, fully ready to play. Also maybe poking the vacuum round that corner of the room. Sorting out the clothes that are there (clean/dirty), maybe tidying up the shelves around the area, dusting.
-          Tidy the drinks area. This involves going through boxes and finding out what’s empty and what’s not. Re-organising things so that they don’t take up too much space. Sorting through the two boxes from my childhood home and finding places to put them so they’re not blocking a door. And making everything look all neat and tidy and not like I’m an alcoholic. Last time I did it artistically, arranging a green blanket over top and organising marine-life soft toys up there J
-          Look into the Spare Oom. I say ‘look into’ rather than ‘tidy’ because it is a massive job – Spare Oom is pretty much the storage cupboard, there are things packed away in there that have been in bags since we moved to our last flat, and we’ve lived in this one for 4 years almost! Things that need to be done in there are:
o   Move things around so it looks tidier
o   Make sure the piles of things are structurally sound and won’t collapse when the cat decides to nose through
o   Make room for the fishing/diving gear that’s still in Hoppy’s truck from my birthday trip and he will make me unpack on my own “because he’s not allowed to lift things from breaking his foot” {I think he is allowed to lift things by now, but taking advantage of the fact that I don’t want him to be hurt worse or damaged}
o   Make sure the window in there is open to allow the house to air
Along with all that, I have to make sure I’m leaving the front door open as much as possible and airing the house out – even though it’s both cold and wet at the moment – because the moisture in the air from trying to dry flannelette sheets inside is causing me respiratory problems, and my issues with asthma are nothing compared to Hoppy’s. I fear the house may kill him.
Okay, I think I’ve covered everything that I want to do today. There is more (much, much more) but that’s tomorrow’s job. Or up to The Crazy Flatmate.
Wish me luck!

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