Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend Recap:

Tidying – Done. Involuntary conscription for everyone in the house at the time (The Crazy Flatmate and her boyfriend) into my army meant that the house was at least superficially tidy and smelling clean in under an hour. There is still stuff I need to do, but that just goes back on this weeks’ To-Do list.
Not Complaining – Not so successful. I got drunk (and I do mean drunk) on Saturday night because I haven’t had a drink for 5 weeks, and while I didn’t quite complain, I did do other things similarly annoying so I’m calling it a fail.
Um. I think that was all my “must do’s” for the weekend. I haven’t started the Aspie/Vampire romance story yet, but I have several ideas for it.
Idea for next weekend: Stick to my “3 -4 standard drinks maximum” rule from my diet. Drinking a quarter of a bottle of vodka, a quarter of a bottle of whiskey, and chocolate Canterbury cream is neither good for the diet nor my sanity. Yesterday I felt like I was dying! {I’m never one to delude myself by saying “never again” because I know I’ll drink again, I just have to have better control on my moderation!}
I don’t, however, like the fact that the week I identify something which I would like to change about myself, I do possibly worse.

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