Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rules and Fairness

This is just a rant I have to get off my chest, just to anyone who’s out there reading.
When something isn’t specified in the rules as cheating, how can it be called cheating after the fact? How can all the NT people accept that it was cheating, when we weren’t told it was cheating at the start? And how does studying for a test before hand or using the internet independent to the actual event make it cheating, either.
I’m not a person who likes cheating, and I don’t see it as “breaking the rules” if the rules didn’t specify that you weren’t allowed to do it! I don’t know why no-one else feels that it’s unfair! If they wanted us to not do it, they should have specifically stated that we can’t do it. Otherwise it’s not against the rules. {This may be coming from the mind of someone who has learned that following the rules to the letter can make for more creative ways to get outside the rules, yes, but I still follow the specified rules!}
But most of all, I don’t like being labelled a cheater when it wasn’t cheating!

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