Thursday, 13 June 2013

I Need More Sleep

I have to be more careful with my sleep L I know what I get like when I’m overtired and I don’t want to be having mini-meltdowns at work, but this week I was very careless with my sleep. Late nights and early morning starts do not mix.
I was using tart cherry juice to help me sleep, and it works. Marvellously. It’s improved the quality of my sleep by leaps and bounds. I’m fairly sure I’m reaching the “deep sleep” stage because my number of dreams has cut down (I used to stay in REM sleep for the majority of the night due to my Fibromyalgia and possibly due to Aspergers (I’m not sure on that count) and because of this I would have a night filled with colourful {read: crazy} and vivid dreams, and the ability to remember a minimum of four of my dreams per night) and that’s a good thing because deep sleep is the stage where your body can work on healing itself.
Unfortunately, I’m getting a good quality sleep yes, but can’t make myself be sleepy early, every night.
I had a mini meltdown yesterday. Anxiety attack that lead to voicing my desire to punch a girl through the face, and then crying and wanting to crawl under my desk.
But this is on top of the depressive meltdown that I can feel forming – although it may be a plain meltdown that I can feel slowly percolating beneath my skin like a fine brew of French vanilla coffee. I’m not sure. I’m not good at telling the warning signs, or telling them apart until they happen. All I know is some happen when I’m overtired, they make me irrationally angry and then after the anger is gone I want to cry.
I don’t want that happening at work again.
And the desire to climb under my desk is a new one – generally I’m claustrophobic.
Any hints for avoiding meltdown?

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