Thursday, 20 June 2013

Panic And Calm

Unusual fact: while I am a panicker by nature, and I worry and panic about little insignificant things; when it actually comes to crunch time, time seems to move at a slower speed for me. I have forever to think it through in my head; I am calm and relatively collected, I don’t panic or even need to panic.
I am good in a crisis, and it’s probably because I’ve already spent all that time thinking about the worst things that could happen. I’m not bragging, just stating a rather random fact.
It’s the stupid things, the not even real things, which make all of my blood drop to my feet and the world feel like it’s going to end. I had a dream the other week where the world kind of had ended, and I was one of the ones trying to get people to go back to their normal lives and stop rioting – in the morning I didn’t want to leave my bedroom because I couldn’t prove that what had happened in my dream hadn’t actually happened until the sun had risen. But only because it was too much responsibility, trying to make society function after its collapse.
Don’t know why I felt like sharing that, just know that I did.

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