Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Lessons - Patience

If there’s one thing that fishing (one of my avid hobbies) has taught me, it’s to be patient. Gardening as well. That whole “good things come in time” saying? Well it’s doubly true for either of those hobbies.
Not only do you have to be patient, but you also have to do the groundwork for a good result. You can’t stand by a patch of dirt and expect a plant to grow – you have to plant a seed and nurture it, water it, shelter it, make sure the soil is rich in minerals and stuff. You can’t just throw a hook in the water, empty, and expect a fish to jump on for a ride – you have to bait the hook, maybe add something sparkly or smelly to get the fishes attention, put burley into the water so they know there’s food around, park up in a place that has the right conditions for the species you’re targeting.
So many factors (those and then some) go into just the groundwork for those two things. Then there’s still the waiting. It’s all worth it, in the end, for the time you spend enjoying the results of your time and effort. With fishing, if you’re in the right mood, it’s worth it just for the experience – sitting out there on the sea, the excitement and anticipation…
Yeah… these are the random thoughts that come to mind.

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