Monday, 1 July 2013

Psychic Dreaming

I now feel quite confident in saying that last night I had a prophetic dream.
Basically, without saying anything that I’m unsure if I can say, in my dream last night I demanded that my team leader give me training in a specific area of work, because I needed to know it. This was – other than having the randomness of dreaming – part I’m sure because I have wanted to at least learn this specific area of work since I saw the different screen they have.
But anyway, just now our team leader announced to our group that, rather than doing the area of work we thought we would be moving on to after this one, we will be going to the area of work that I just dreamed about last night.
Can this be coincidence? Well, maybe. But I preferto believe I’m a little bit psychic. Yay me!

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